Expanding the World.
Inspire for better.

isendu reinventa costantemente il futuro. Implementiamo tecnologie che aiutano le persone di tutto il mondo a condurre una gestione più semplice del proprio e-commerce.

isendu: A digital snapshot


Customers joined in the last year and use our platform to create new relationship with customers


Our Monthly Recurring Revenue
rate, generated from all the active subscriptions

4 years

In 2019 isendu was funded with
one goal: help e-commerce grow without lifting a finger


Market slices of small and medium e-commerce Businesses that using our platform around the world

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Sure bets for investors

isendu is a suite that integrates marketplaces and express carriers
to produce highly sophisticated marketing automation.

Triple digit ROI take
extraordinary ambition
and market competence

Thanks to the experience of Richard Belluzzo,
former President and Chief Operating Officer of
Microsoft, now isendu’s Chief Strategy Officer,
you’re in safe hands.

Oversee the most
valuable touchpoints to
maximize e-commerce

We focus on after-sales services to increase
AOV. That made our shipping platform in
addiction to the Marketing automation tool.

Hard data, pure
and simple numbers

58+ specialists with vertical skills and
an innate love for the digital world, selected
for their ability to add to the entire team’s results.

isendu reports
first quarter results

April 20, 2023

isendu today announced financial results
for its fiscal 2023 first quarter ended
December 31, 2022.

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